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Tópico: The Green Poison® Family ★ Poisonous Candies

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    The Green Poison® Family ★ Poisonous Candies

    [Weed World magazine article]

    The Green Poison® Family ★ Poisonous Candies

    At Sweet Seeds we’re proud to say that along the last 10 years we always managed to include stable genetics in our collection. This collection is basically made out of plants that are easy to grow and produce high yields of premium quality flowers. In the year of 2009, when we released our Green Poison® (Sweet Seeds variety SWS14) in the market, we already knew that growers would get outstanding quality, with a short flowering stage and a production of flowers significantly above average. But we could not imagine how quickly it would become one of the best sellers of our genetic collection.

    Words by Tommy G.
    Pics by Tommy G., Jaypp and Sweet Seeds.

    6 years have passed since then and today this strain is still the favourite of a lot of experienced growers and a pleasant surprise to all the beginners who try it. For all this we progressively enlarged the family of this classic, using it in the development of new projects, until we arrived to the present moment when we have 4 genetics in this family: Green Poison®, Green Poison Auto® (SWS30), Red Poison Auto (SWS39) and Green Poison F1 Fast Version® (SWS41). In this article we will talk about these 4 wonderful strains and what you can expect from growing each one of them. But first, a bit of history and genetic.

    Genetic history

    At the Sweet Seeds bank of mothers we preserve a vast collection of elite clones, meticulously selected and preserved by our I + D department. All the strains from our collection have been developed starting from these elite clones. Among many of the classic Sweet Seeds elite clones, such as our Black Domina’ 98, Jack Herer’ 99, our Súper Tai or our Blue Monster, we also have an elite clone of a very special Early Skunk, selected for its sweet and strong Skunk aroma, high yield of very dense flowers and fast flowering. We could describe it as the perfect Skunk.

    But at Sweet Seeds we know that it is always possible to improve and please more growers. So we went a bit further, searching for another strain from the Skunk family with similar but more present and intense genetic traits regarding taste and production. The resulting hybrid from the cross between these two exceptional Skunk elite clones, showed us that when it comes to cannabis genetic development we never know how far can the quality of our appreciated genetics reach. This selection showed great potential for its impressively delicious aroma, high resin production and fast flowering. The final result is Green Poison®, a plant that distills the best of the Skunk family with a very sweet touch and a powerful effect… almost poisonous!

    Green Poison®

    Our original Green Poison® is a plant with an explosive growth and a very fast flowering. Due to its hybrid vigour, the plants show a very fast growth pattern, something that is also reflected in the rooting of clones from this strain. Roots that stretch at a vertiginous pace, robust trichomes that stack since the third week of flowering and fast flower maturation are characteristics that will hit you in the eye when you grow this genetic. It’s a very stable strain, with very few phenotypical variations. And even when there are differences in plants grown from seed, when it comes to size and structure all the plants are usually similar, making Green Poison® a very adequate strain to SOG grows. Its large and flexible branches make it also a very good option for SCROG grows.

    Super-sweet aroma, truly pleasant and intense, with hints of lemon and other fruits that remain in the nose for several minutes. The density of the smoke and vapor is delightful, leaving a very enjoyable taste in the mouth. We’re talking about a taste with a Skunk background but with sweet fruity hints. The effect is very powerful and long lasting. It arrives between 2 and 5 minutes after the first inhalation and usually lasts for a period of between 60 and 90 minutes. This strain is a favourite for many growers and there are 7 cannabic cups in its record book to prove it.

    In the present season of 2015, with collective purchasing and cannabic associations in mind, we presented our 25 and 100 seed packages. To begin with, we chose four of the most well famed Sweet Seeds genetics for sale in this packaging format and, of course, Green Poison® was one of the four chosen strains. This means that from now on it is possible to acquire this amazing strain at an unbeatable price of 3,50€ per seed (in packs of 100 seeds) and 4€ per seed (in packs of 25 seeds). Probably the cheapest high quality feminized seeds in the market.

    Variety SWS14
    Year of edition: 2009
    Genetics: Early Skunk x Skunk
    Indica/Sativa: 70%/30%
    Indoor Yield: 500-650 g/m2
    Outdoor Yield: 500-700 g/plant
    Indoor Blooming: 7 weeks
    Outdoor Harvest: mid to late September
    Awards: 7 cups

    Green Poison Auto®

    Between 2009 and 2011, we developed the autoflowering version of the original photoperiod dependent Green Poison®. An excellent and precise breeding work performed in a very professional way by the Sweet Seeds I+D department, which allowed us to keep the desirable traits from its ancestor. When we developed this strain we looked for a medium-tall sized autoflowering genetic that with optimal growth conditions could produce plants of between 60cm and 100cm of height by the end of flowering. So, to introduce the autoflowering genes in Green Poison®, we used a very special selected genetic line of Big Devil #2 Auto® (SWS20). This strain was selected for its medium-tall size and high production of flowers and resin.

    Green Poison Auto® is a 3rd generation autoflowering strain that grows with the appearance of an indica-sativa hybrid leaning to the sativa side, which automatically starts flowering at between day 20 and 25 after the germination of the seeds. The plants present a short internodal distance, which together with the development of large side branches, favours the production of large side buds. These generous buds end up totally covered in resin between the second and the fourth week of flowering and they are ready to be harvested only two months after germination. Plants can reach to a final height of between 60 and 110cm.

    The delicious and intense aroma of its photoperiod dependent version remained strongly fixed in all the offspring. This is a fruity aroma that is very penetrating and sweet, with hints that remind of classic Skunk aromas but more fruity and sweet. The taste also incorporates that same mix of Skunk with fruits and is very potent and persistent. Green Poison Auto® features the same effect present in its original version but some phenotypes may produce flowers with a more energetic feeling. Globally we can call it a powerful effect, physically relaxing but with soft psychoactive sensations at the same time. It’s a very enjoyable effect that one can experience at any time of the day, either to relax, go to a party or simply to spend a nice time with friends. This effect is also a powerful appetite stimulant, it reduces stress and it’s a great mood enhancer.

    Variety SWS30
    Year of edition: 2012
    Genetics: Green Poison® x Big Devil #2 Auto®
    100% Autoflowering
    Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2
    Outdoor Yield: 35-200 g/plant
    Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks after germination
    Height: 60-100 cm

    Red Poison Auto

    During the 2013 season we released a new family of autoflowering strains that stand out for their beautiful red or purple flowers. We named this group of varieties “The Red Family”. These are autoflowering strains with purple genetic traits and around 80% of the seeds end up producing purple or red flowered plants.

    When we started the breeding project that would lead us to the creation of this family, we chose 3 of the most popular strains among our clients and friends to hybridize with the autoflowering purple strain. Green Poison® was one of the 3 chosen genetics, giving birth to Red Poison Auto.

    This is a strain that grows with an outstanding structure, producing a lot of side branches and large strong flowers. It presents a great hybrid vigour, giving priority to the strengthening of side branches that later into flowering will allow to hold its heavy flowers. It is also very resistant to plagues and when grown with a rich soil the plants may not even need any liquid fertilizers at all along the 60 to 65 days that they need to reach full maturity.

    The flowers produced by Red Poison Auto release a very distinct aroma that could be described as sweet and citric. After rubbing our fingers on the flowers to break some trichomes and release the terpenes, soft hints of cotton candy fill the room. These aromas are also reminiscent of chewing gum or fruit jellies. When it comes out of the grinder other scented aromas also become noticeable.

    The effect arrives just a few seconds after the first inhalation but it’s pleasantly progressive, starting with a light sensation of relaxation to then, 5 to 10 minutes after, turning into a controllable euphoria that is notably counterbalanced with a feeling of serenity and inner peace. When we vaporize its flowers some earthy aromas appear. A soft, rather sweet aroma, that in a very strong way is also present in the smoke of this beautiful and delicious Red Poison Auto.

    Variety SWS39
    Year of edition
    : 2013
    Genetics: Green Poison® x Purple flowered autoflowering Kush genetic
    100% Autoflowering
    Indoor Yield
    : 400-550 g/m2
    Outdoor Yield: 35-175 g/plant
    Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks after germination
    Height: 60-120cm
    Purple Flower: approx. 80% of the specimens

    Green Poison F1 Fast Version®

    How many times have we dreamed of a photoperiod-dependent plant that can be ready with only 6 weeks of flowering with a massive yield of high quality compact buds?

    In the course of the 2013 season we managed to turn this dream into reality by releasing in the market a new product: the F1 Fast Version®strains. These new strains are the resulting F1 hybrids of the cross between a photoperiod-dependent genetic and an autoflowering genetic. As a result of this hybridization we obtain photoperiod-dependent genetics but with a very fast flowering. The photoperiod-dependent parental contributes with its condition of photoperiod dependent to all the offspring, while the autoflowering genetic contributes with a very fast flowering and maturation to all the offspring.

    Exactly the same way we did one year before with The Red Family genetics, this time we also started by using our best well-famed strains, in which our original Green Poison® is obviously included. So, our Green Poison F1 Fast Version® was born. This is a F1 strain which is the result of the cross between an elite clone of our appreciated Green Poison® and a selected 3rd generation autoflowering strain of Green Poison Auto®.

    If we sprout 5 or 10 seeds of this strain with the goal of selecting the fastest one among all the plants that suit our needs regarding production and quality, it is possible to find a mother that produces high quality clones, productive and ready to harvest with as few as 6 weeks of flowering. And, with this, we can significantly raise the number of harvests per year, because it becomes possible to harvest once every 50 days indoors. Regarding outdoor grows, possibly for the first time in the history of cannabis, it is possible to harvest a high quality modern photoperiod-dependent hybrid much earlier than the usual timing. Green Poison F1 Fast Version® plants are ready to harvest by the end of August or beginning of September, according to the taste of each grower and to the phenotype of each seed, which most of the times allows the grower to anticipate the harvest to the period in which botrytis usually attacks.

    Just like we are used to see in its original version, this plant grows with a lot of vigour, producing large side branches and a short internodal space. Very fast flowering and high production of flowers that are completely covered in aromatic resin. Exquisite aroma in the same intense Skunk line with sweet hints that are very penetrating. The effect is physical and relaxing, stimulating optimism, providing comfort at any time of the day… and a lot of sweet happiness!

    Variety SWS41
    Year of edition
    : 2013
    Genetics: Green Poison® x Green Poison Auto®
    Indica/Sativa: 70%/30%
    Indoor Yield: 500-600 g/m2
    Outdoor Yield: 500-700 g/plant
    Indoor Blooming: 6 weeks
    Outdoor Harvest: end of August, beginning of September
    Awards: 1 cup


    Tommy G., Sweet Seeds

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    se soube-se em vez de ter escolhido a green poison auto, tinha escolhida a red poison ja que ando a fazer uns cruzes em busca de cores estranhas jejej

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